Friday, September 19, 2014

HitchClip Fall Protection Roof Anchor makes roof work Safer & Easier

The HitchClip roof anchor system is one of the most revolutionary anchors ever made for several reasons.  These anchors can be used as a single point anchor rated at 5,000 lbs., but even more than that is the multiple uses already available and more to come.  It's fabricated from lightweight, durable, powder coated aluminum and already comes painted in different colors to match your roof.  This design allows you to use as a permanent anchor point or reuse it, as a permanent anchor it is barely noticeable.  Also, if one of their colors doesn't match your roof, these are one of the few anchors that you can actually paint yourself to match the roof. patented key hole design is what really sets this anchor apart from any other on the market.  This allows you to use it as more than just a fall protection anchor.  We are talking easily setting up guardrail systems, staging areas, & work platforms.  There is more accessories coming soon, that we will reveal later, but the possibilities are endless with the key hole design.  Anchors easily install with (6) 16d framing nails or (6) #10 x 2-1/2" exterior screws.  If you have been thinking about getting hitched, now is the time.  Hitchclips are rated up to 420 lbs., if using harness and lanyard rated 420 lbs., these anchors are available in 3 packs and 25 contractor packs.


  1. Safety is everything when you're doing roof repair. Clips like these are an absolute must!

  2. We don't recommend roof replacement without property safety either.

  3. Very interesting.

    It is interesting to see that HitchClip allows the anchor points to be painted.
    I know for a fact that there are a lot of property owners in Sydney who avoid having permanent anchor points installed on their roof, because they believe that they will be unsightly.

    We use anchor points that provide 360-degree access, so that a reduced amount of anchors are required on a roof. But there are still property owners that want a more incognito option.

    Will be interesting to see if HitchClip starts retailing in Australia.

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