Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Avoiding Increased OSHA Fines

With Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) impending penalty increase, companies must engage workers, understand new technology and make a plan to avoid devastating fines.

All it takes is one work safety or worker health violation to severely hinder your company’s business health.

With OSHA's close to 80 percent fine increment becoming effective August 1, and its more thorough examination processes, it could be significantly all the more troublesome to attempt to stay up to code. Until lately, a genuine OSHA infringement punishment remained at $7,000.

New principles have now expanded the fine to $12,600 and the price goes up from $70,000 to more than $120,000 for repeat and willful violations. This can be devastating for small or medium sized business.

There are a variety of steps that any organization can take to stay away from compliance slipups, and guarantee these new, harmful fines are maintained. Leaders and workers can keep thier company on course with these three basic rules to follow OSHA compliance requirements.

Engage Workers

Build up a society where workers are urged to bring issues to the managers attention, without fear, about potential safety hazards and fall protection concerns. For instance, workers in sewage, wind energy and telecom industries are frequently the ones in the field and on the ground, and may see things the higher-ups do not. By giving an approach to staff to namelessly report possibly perilous circumstances, managers can evaluate the essential safety concerns to improve work environments. Assign a worker or representatives to direct customary safety checks, and execute safety programs so that everybody is on the same page. Give your in-house security reviewer a record-keeping framework like a versatile structure for chain of command, and to guarantee that is safety is front of mind, and management is alerted of potential dangers.

Understand New Technology

Keep focused on current best practices and OSHA requirements by understanding and following the development of safety technology. Follow fall protection safety blogs, like Harness Land, and you’ll stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Another thing you can do is download a mobile app that will provide you with keen insight on data and analytics for safety. Mobile apps can have entry to day-by-day review agendas to remain OSHA agreeable, which can give consistent access to ergonomics best practices, crisis administration, development safety, EPA indoor air quality, or forklift security.

Make A Plan

The stakes for an infringement are higher than at any other time, and even the thought about a fine can threaten your business health. By building a plan early, everybody, from administration to workers, is readied when the time seeks an examination. Much the same as rehearsing for a fire drill in school, when everybody is better educated and all around arranged to experience an examination, workers are prepared.

An OSHA assessment can be an alarming prospect and the recently upheld fine increase can place organizations in threat of losing their money and business. With a temperamental economy and continually evolving scene, the last thing your business needs is a fine or infringement that can go upwards of five figures. Follow these suggestions and your association, small, medium or big, can guarantee worker safety and OSHA compliance.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Eveything to Know About Buying Anchor Points

Your gear is only as good as the safety anchor it's attached to!

Anchor points are a vital part of a fall protection system. Fall protection anchor points are usually installed on the roof and are used to connect lanyards, lifelines and other forms of tie-off which prevent a worker from falling. Roof anchors can be as simple as a D-ring connection or as complex as a complete lifeline system. Both permanent and temporary fall protection anchors are available.

Harness Land offers the most complete selection of temporary and permanent anchorage connectors available.Our safety anchors include steel anchors, concrete anchors, roof anchors and specialty anchors like our vacuum mount for smooth surface environments. We manufacture anchor systems to fit your unique applications.

Plus, your crew can work with confidence knowing each anchorage connector has been rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

Getting Started with Anchors


They all must provide a secure point of attachment whether the application is steel, concrete or roof based and be capable of supporting your fall protection system loads.

The first question to ask when selecting a fall protection anchor is:

What are you going to attach the anchor point to?

Anchorages are sold by what they connect to, and the structure will often require a specific type of attachment means. We offer various types including steel anchors, concrete anchors, roof anchors and specialty anchors. All-purpose wrap-around choker style anchorage connectors are the most versatile and will connect to various structure shapes and sizes. In addition, we offer roof, steel and concrete anchors and even specialty anchor styles for poles, leading edges and more. ​

Anchors provide a secure point of attachment for your personal fall arrest system and can be permanently installed for areas accessed often, or portable for temporary anchor points. Permanently installed anchors are typically constructed from durable, heavy-duty and corrosion resistant materials for extended periods of use and longevity.

What Type of Work Are You Doing?

Your choice of anchor depends on the type of work being done and the amount of mobility needed as well as the connecting subsystem attached (ex. lanyard, self retracting lifeline).

Fixed anchor points are typically the easiest to use and find compatible structural anchor points and they do limit your work space. Mobile anchors move with you expanding your work area for maximum freedom of movement.

Your anchor and fall protection system must provide you with the ability to work safely and comfortably. Often, if any part of the system is difficult to use, it won't be putting the worker and everyone working around them at risk.​​

​All components must be made from quality materials strong enough to endure rough handling and exposure to the elements. Your anchor and connecting components must be rated for your application such as fall arrest, rescue, work positioning or material handling. Choose one that maximizes strength and minimizes weight.

Choose Harness Land for your Anchorage Needs!


A fall protection system is only as good as its anchor point. Don’t cut corners when it comes to the backbone of your fall arrest system. Our selection of anchor points is great for a variety of materials and environments. Whether you need concrete anchors for a foundation job or roof anchors to do some leak repairs, our fall protection anchors have you covered. Don’t forget we have anchor point accessories like anchor straps, clamps, rope grabs, and more to make your fall arrest system the safest it can possibly be. Orders over $99 will ship for free!

Select an option from the listing below to begin the process of selecting a fall protection anchor.