Monday, May 20, 2013

400 lb. Rated Harnesses...Do you know?

We are starting a new blog theme for fall protection facts, that users might not be aware of and officially calling it...


That the majority of fall protection harnesses are rated at 310 lbs., also including clothes, tool pouches, and tools, that a worker is using?  Most consumers are aware of this fact.  And, that's why we offer several full body harnesses, with a 400 lb. or 420 lb. rating for the big fellas.
DO YOU KNOW, that the worker needs a 400 lb. or 420 lb. rated lanyard or lifeline for connecting to the back d-ring of the harness and the anchor point.  This can be a shock absorbing lanyard, retractable web lanyard, or a cable self retracting lifeline.  If you have 420 lb. rated harness and a 310 lb. rated lanyard, you guessed it, the harness is now only rated at 310 lbs.  Of course this works both ways, if you have a 420 lb. rated lanyard and a standard 310 lb. rated harness, your lanyard is now officially rate at 310 lbs.
So be sure, that you or your workers are using and/or purchasing a harness and lanyard or retractable lifeline, that are both rated above 400 lbs., to ensure the safety of your workers and meet compliance with OSHA.  Nobody wants OSHA, being the one that let's you know the answer to this question or even worse a worker has a fall and his harness is rated for his weight, but the lanyard isn't.  We carry lanyards and retractable lifelines, that are rated for 400 or 420 lbs., so make sure your big guys are using the right fall protection.  And if your workers are under 310 lbs., they can use both the 310 lb. and 420 lb. rated body harnesses and lanyards.

We will be back with more DO YOU KNOW? Your Fall Protection Facts.  Feel free to add your on facts, that may help others stay on top of the ever changing standards of Fall Protection.  Sometimes what you think is something simple and everyone knows it, guess what, not everyone does.  So pass along anything that might be of importance to keep workers safe.