Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Standing Seam Roof Anchors for Fall Protection
Standing seam roof panels are becoming more popular every year, with there appeal to the consumer for aesthetic purposes and security of a metal building.  In the early years of standing seam metal buildings it was impossible to figure out a way to tie off safely in order to protect workers from a fall.  Since then fall protection manufacturers have developed different styles of roof anchors to make life easier on hard working builders.  Guardian came out with one of the most lightweight & innovative designs on the market.  With different profiles for standing seam panels making things even more complicated for contractors to have the right standing seam roof anchor for their job.  The Guardian 2-Way Standing Seam Roof Clamp has a unique design that is reversible and will fit the vast majority of standing seam panels, making this anchor one of the most popular on the market.  Many anchors use the popular S-5 clamps for attachment to the panel which is another great option.  When using a self retracting lifeline over 30 foot, we recommend Guardians 00250 Standing seam roof anchor or something equivalent.  Most manufacturers have a similar anchor that attaches just like the 00250 anchor or they use the S-5 clamps.  Any application you run into on your job, we have an anchor that will get'r done!  Browse around for the right anchor point on our site and remember to look out for new roof anchors.  Fall Protection manufacturers are always bring new innovative anchors out on the market and when it comes to standing seam roof panels, there will be newer designs coming soon to make sure we are keeping all our workers safe on the job.