Thursday, July 3, 2014

Product Review: The Hold Me Lifeline Anchor Device

hold me anchor lifeline

The important part of falling down is getting up again. Better yet, make sure you don't fall in the first place.

Those who work or play at any distance above the ground need to be certain that one false step won't be their last. It's why safety harnesses and special climbing equipment exist. In fact, a person is often only as safe as the strength of the lifeline that supports him.

ANSi is Antsy Over Knots

Although not everyone is aware of it, knots have no place in anyone's lifeline. According to the National Cordage Institute, the use of a knot to secure a safety rope can weaken its strength by as much as 50 percent. In fact, ANSi Z-359.1 strictly inveighs against it. So, how else can you secure your lifeline? The answer is simple: The Hold Me Anchor Lifeline Device can provide a safe connection point with no knots required. Its 5,000-pound capacity puts it well above the general recommendation.

What Is an Anchor Lifeline? 

An anchor lifeline device serves as a knot-free means of integrating a vertical lifeline system with an anchorage connector. Its use will permit supporting heavy loads in the air with no danger of disentanglement.

The Hold Me Anchor Lifeline device contains five closely-spaced holes topped by a sixth. Its use entails threading the rope or lanyard tightly through the first four in running-stitch fashion, then pulling it securely through a loop left over after passing it through the fifth. The sixth hole will receive either a carabiner or the free end of the lanyard following its attachment to an anchor point.

How Not to Use the Hold Me Rope Anchor 

Improper use will negate the safety properties of any anchor device. Never, under any circumstances, attach your lifeline to:

- A metal chimney
- A roof hatch or vent
- A television antenna
- A balcony or staircase railing
- A small duct or pipe
- A stationary ladder

No Bottom-Out; No Swing

Always measure carefully to ensure that the rope will reach its greatest length before a falling person or object hits an obstruction. In addition, it's vital to maintain a perpendicular direction between the edge of the lifeline and its anchor to prevent a deadly pendulum effect.
Where distance from the ground is concerned, there can be no skimping on safety. A simple device like the Hold Me Rope Anchor lifeline device is an easy way to meet with ANSi standards while preserving lives in the process.


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