Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Review of the ExoFit NEX Construction Harness

Finding a construction harness that stands up to the demands of a long shift and keeps you comfortable and safe can be a challenge. The NEX construction harnesses for ExoFit is up to the job. Let’s review some of its features so you can see why selecting the NEX from ExoFit as your new construction harness is a no-brainer.

Made for comfort, convenience and customization, the ExoFit NEX is the perfect choice for any job that requires fall protection and any size worker. Some features of the ExoFit NEX include:

    exofit nex harness
  • Built-in padding on shoulders, hips and legs to prevent slips
  • Breathable fabric lining for moisture control
  • Removable belt for connecting tools
  • Well-placed hook connections on back to prevent tangles
  • Rip-stitch indicators to quickly inspect a harness involved in a fall

The ExoFit brings some new technology to the harness game. Revolver vertical torso adjusters make the harness a gem for workers, regardless of physical build. Tech Lite aluminum D-rings are strong and durable enough to handle the heaviest of loads in the event of a fall. Repel webbing and suspension trauma straps give this harness an unparalleled level of adjustability, comfort and security. In fact, the ExoFit comes with a 30-day comfort guarantee.

Last, but not least, the Duo-Lok Quick Connect buckles make getting in and out of the harness a snap. The Duo-Lok patented design removes any slippage or loosening of the harness webbing – something other quick connects have been known to do. If you’ve thought twice about purchasing a harness with quick connects, the issue has been solved with the ExoFit NEX Duo-Lok System.

Take a look at the ExoFit NEX and see why it’s become such a popular choice for workers looking for added function and comfort to their fall protection gear. Then, do yourself a favor and grab one today.


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