Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Innovation of Double Retracts with Cables

The double retract is a new and innovative approach to fall protection equipment. By utilizing two lanyards instead of the traditional one, a double retract more evenly distributes the weight of the wearer, reduces fall distance and stress on the retractable lifeline and removes any tripping hazard. One of their most prominent features, however, is the ability to secure you from two separate beams, rails, or anchor points. This keeps you centered between two points at all times and prevents dangerous dangling and swinging in the event of a fall.
nano-lok edge twin leg SRL 8 foot
Double retracts are ergonomically designed to provide a quick, easy and strong connection to your safety harness while staying out of your way while on the job. With full swivel connections, your range of motion is never impeded and they can connect to vertical or horizontal anchor points easily. They are designed with various connections from carabiners to rebar hooks and come with cables or sturdy webbing depending on your needs and preferences. They are used as 100% tie-offs, making them versatile for a variety of tasks and heights allowing you to leap frog from one anchor point to the next without worry for your safety.

Another feature that makes double retracts so innovative and popular is they eliminate the need to use traditional, two-legged lanyards. This gives the wearer more mobility and comfort, and keeps the retract out from under the feet where it could cause tangling, snags, or trips. The Nano-Lok pictured at right is specially designed for foot level tie-offs to reduce fall length, double retracts feature a shorter cabling length, usually 6 to 8 feet. This makes them perfect for high and tight spots where space is at a premium and you need to avoid clutter. Remember to always reattach a disengaged hook to an anchor point before detaching your active SRL!

Give double cable retracts some consideration when you’re buying new fall protection equipment for your construction team. The peace of mind makes all the difference.

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